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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

Yeah...wondering if he's going to get a pass as well, like Clay. I actually hope not. It was a stretch for Jax to find a reason to keep Clay alive, IMO. Doing the same thing with Tig and finding a way to artificially draw out his fate would be disappointing and bordering on fake drama.

Personally, I think the whole series next year will end with pretty much everyone dead with the possible exception of Tara and the kids. She somehow finds a way out, leaving the carnage of Charming in her wake, but with literally everyone else dead. The previews show three (albeit somewhat small) boxes on fire with cuts sitting on top with Happy, Chibs, Jax & Juice standing over them. Who's missing? They gotta start with the culling sometime.

Peter Weller is my new favorite guest actor. Real smooth operator, this one - and I don't mean that sarcastically. He is pragmatic, efficient, super-intelligent and highly confident without being too arrogant. Where was he when the Pope badness went down? I just hope the club doesn't find a way to accidentally piss him off too (like Tig's brain-fart with the Iranian).

And what is Bobby doing? Is he trying to join another club? Is he recruiting people from various other clubs to start a new charter? Is he starting an entirely new spin-off MC? I honestly don't get what's going on in several of these side-stories. That and the Wendy thing has me particularly perplexed.
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