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What Are You Wearing?

We used to keep this thread up a good while back, and I miss it. I haven't seen Holdfast around in ages (and I miss him too! Maybe his Fashion Sense will start tingling and we'll lure him back) but perhaps there are some closet sartorialists of whom I remain unawares who will be enough to keep this baby going. If not there's always the people who want to up their post counts and those who just like documenting everything. So, after you're done posting about your latest latte, last night's steak and pudding, and the single word that best sums up your mood, take a moment to tell us what sort of creative arrangement of garments you're sporting! Pictures encouraged!

As for me, today I've got on a fab leopard print swing dress (full skirt), with a black leather belt, black and tan low-healed wingtips, and a cream colored cardigan with black, gold, and yellow drawings of lighthouses and sailboats that I bought at a thrift store for $2. One pearl ring and one pink crystal ring. Pink nails.

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