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As a Star Trek fan I would prefer Picard to have been inspired by what happened in "Journey's End" to not repeat forced relocation of colonists only to see at the end that the PD was right and that the Federation should have not have interfered with internal politics.
It would be easy to see the events of Jouney's End being a prime factor in Picard's thinking during Insurrection. Add to that the fact that Picard obviously found the Baku lifestyle to be personally appealing.

If Insurrection had taken place prior to Journey's End, combined with the Baku being a group of people that Picard could not (for some reason) personally identify with, Picard just might have assisted in the Baku's removal.

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[T'Girl and others are giving the writer (there was only one) too much credit.
All right then, I like the way it accidently turn out.

What "the writer intended" has never been very important to me personally, for me what actually arrives on screen is what I go off.

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