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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

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Yes TOS fanboys are just lame whereas TNG, DS9 and VOY fanboys are deeper, cleverer, more moving and sharper.
People who take shots at other people for liking differing things are so classy. It's really great and in tune with the message of Star Trek that all differences are to be scorned and ridiculed.
So its OK to take potshots at 'TOS fanboys' who are here. I thought that was meant as an insult. I can call myself a fanboy but I don't like others calling me it. Just because I prefer TOS over other Star Trek things I don't think I need to be scorned or ridiculed either.

I actually like lots in the other Treks and probably agree that Star Trek in the 90s was at its peak in volume on screen at least. I remember somewhere Wil Wheaton saying how his parked his flash car near Stewart's flash car at the parking lot and thinking that sort of think wasn't happening for the TOS cast in the 60s.
I just don't agree all the writing and stories and ideas in DS9, TNG and VOY were superior to that of TOS. Technobabble is not superior writing even though the words are longer IMHO
Oh my comment was aimed at both of you taking potshots at each other's likes and dislikes, worry not.

Even if like GoodStuff apparently I think that TOS was the foundation of the franchise that bigger and better things were built upon, that doesn't justify talking down to a person who enjoys something different than you.

I will agree that especially by Voyager and Enterprise the technobabble had spun out of control that we had entire scenes of people sputtering gibberish.
"I was never a Star Trek fan." J.J. Abrams
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