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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Could it be that, somehow, Trekkies are turning on Star Trek? One of the things I used to brag about in the Trekkies vs. Fanboys argument was that, with Star Wars, no matter what comes out, the Fanboys (and Fangirls) always compared it to the original, never satisfied for something that wasn't one of the original releases of the original three movies. Even those same movies with updated special effects, they didn't make anything better. They ruined IV, V, and VI. Trekkies, on the other hand, were given DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, Gerations, Insurrection, Nemesis, ST09, and STID, (I left First Contact off there, because that movie was awesome)... anyway, we were given all that, and no matter how bad it was, we tried. Dammit we tried to like Enterprise. We invested. But as hard as we tried, we still couldn't do it. Was that when the tide started turning? Ten or fifteen years ago, any new trek would have been celebrated! Praised! OMG there is new Star Trek! OMG! Squee! But now... we're picky. We're snobby. We know what we want, and unless we get exactly that, it's worthless.

I'm not here to defend Enterprise or any other bad writing, but I, too, believed in something bigger than me with Star Trek. But now, I'm in a crisis of faith. I want to see it proceed. I want to like it. I want more. But am I really going to like it? Is anyone? Has that tipping point been reached?
There has always been a certain small percentage to grumble, ever since TAS, that percentage hasn't really increased, and the complaints are no different (Witness the thread using WoK complaints and pretending they were for STiD). Voyager, and especially Enterprise, Insurrection and Nemesis, yea, there was a much larger percentage of "Hardcore Fans" disappointed, as the dwindling ratings showed, but, STiD and ST'09 are not hated by the kind of numbers the recent Media reports have been trying to lead people to believe (Witness the Polls here, the RottenTomatoes numbers, the volume of Board members here, versus the volume of Folks constantly expressing their hatred). In all fandoms, you are always going to have a certain percentage that isn't happy with the latest Product, be it a Rockband, a movie franchise, a Book Franchise, Painter groupies, etc)
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