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Re: Should the Borg be the villain in Trek 3?

I saw a bit of Borg influence in the shipyard the Vengeance was in. They'll probably be in the third or fourth movie.

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Yeah, sure why not. I'm pretty sure the Borg are on their checklist of things to rehash before they even attempt anything original.
There is no such thing.

I dare you, hell....I will PAY YOU if you can conceive of an original idea that can't in any way be linked back to previous incarnations of Trek.

They couldn't even do that in TMP and that was the very first movie! They have LITERALLY an entire universe to play with. Only 79 other episodes, no TNG, DS9, VOY, or ENT.

What do they do the first time out? REHASH The Changeling.

2nd movie? Sequel to Space Seed. Talk about lazy huh?
TWoK wasn't just about Khan and a sequel story, with him in a fresh but believable direction, is hardly a rehash.

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3rd Movie: Klingons.....AGAIN? A story about the Kirk/Spock friendship.

4th Movie: This comes closest to something fresh and new even though we'd already done time travel in TOS more than once.

5th Movie: Sybok was an original idea for Trek even if it was a poorly conceived one. Big baddie is an energy cloud, haven't seen that in Trek before. Story about Religion....

6th Movie: Klingons....AGAIN!!!!!~! A story about how bad war is.
The Borg feel more overused than the Klingons did then, especially since the Borg are supposed to not have individual differences (and are supposed to be really unbeatable).
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