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Re: The Robots From Prototype

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people always complain about Voyager using too much time travel, but when you look at the episodes both TNG and Voyager had the same number of episodes, but nobody complains about TNG doing it.
I have wondered lately, if the earlier shows had similar flaws and yet get less flak for it than Voyager. But if so, there must be some reason, something else that put people off this time around. I'm not sure what. Maybe simply some sort of fan fatigue; a third tv series in a row, and one not doing much different, certainly not as much different as the premise would suggest.

Careful with these claims about "everybody" and "nobody" tho. You're getting into Anwar territory where he shapes his own perception of fandom and then has a good rant at it. Perhaps better to deal directly with what people here say.

(also: you can put multiple quotes in a single post! no need to triple-post).
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