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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Kennysmith - as you will have no doubt gathered from this and other projects, there is no "true" length of the Enterprise.
The official reported length is 947' but Shaw discovered that the way the model was assembled meant that it was more like 938'.
Robert_Comsol is working on a vessel of 1080' long, which is a 1/96 scale up from Matt Jefferies' original plans.
Cary L Brown expanded the ship till the dome matched up with the bridge more realistically, leading to an overall length of 1067'

Blssdwlf (as seen above) has matched the ship to the shuttlebay miniature and come up with 1084', but that requires the hangar deck to protrude UNDER the pylon support structure which may not please everyone. Hence; in my own post I have postulated a ship length of 1319' (or even 1800' if you want a full size shuttlecraft!

Finally, the "watermark" numbers on the side of the secondary hull point to a ship that is no great than 540' overall.

So, the real question Kennysmith is - how big is YOUR Enterprise? When you have decided, then both Casimiro and Sinclair have done pretty accurate drafts which you can print off with ease.
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