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Re: The Robots From Prototype

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I've been putting up with them for over 20 years, I think I get them quite well. Them, their double standards, their biased preferences, their lack of patience, the whole load.

Honestly, look around you'll see folks way more willing to take pot shots at Voyager rather than say anything nice about the show. Same goes for anyone who dared to enjoy the show in the first place.

Voyager introduces the Vidiians, audience complains that they lack depth.

Voyager tried to give individual Vidiians with depth, audience complains they shouldn't be giving them depth.

What's the point?
I think you're right, and you can see this on this very board. I was reading a TNG thread about an episode in which someone said the science wasn't really accurate. The majority of the posts that followed were along the lines of "I don't care if the science is off I just want to watch a tv show and be entertained" I've then seen some of those same people post here and rip into Voyager for having a bit of innacurate science

people always complain about Voyager using too much time travel, but when you look at the episodes both TNG and Voyager had the same number of episodes, but nobody complains about TNG doing it.

And the Borg, how often do you hear that voyager ruined the borg, well when Voyager first aired, people RAVED about the Borg episodes. The ratings for any Borg episode were always super high, so peole loved it.

I've noticed a lot here that people who say they like Voyager will only post negative things about the show
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