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Re: Did the ‘Enterprise’ Augment 3 parter contribute to Cumberbatch Kh

thats an interesting - maybe even go one further and have Harrsion as an augmented superhuman that was created to do starfleets dirty work - born from a certain superhumans DNA/blood - big mystery until we find out its from Khan Noonian Singh (that couldve been the big reveal in the brig - Harrison saying something like 'My father is Khan!')

so the plot wouldve involved Harrison searching for Khan (and his people) that Admiral Marcus has stored away in a secret Section 31/Area 51 type base (Marcus dared not awaken khan but used his DNA/blood to create a Bourne/Rambo like supersoldier he could control) - Harrison would battle everyone like in TNGs The Hunted until he finds them and wed finally see Khan at the end in a cryopod (CG 1967 Space Seed Montalban) - Khan would be like the McGuffin/Artifact driving the plot like in Indiana Jones

would’ve made all kinds of sense with Cumberbatch looking/sounding nothing like Khan
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