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Re: Are there any non-fiction books detailing the history of the Romul

The history of the Romulan Star Empire is rather enigmatic and there is little non-fiction available (i.e. what the original producers had in mind).

The starting point should always be "Balance of Terror", IMHO:
  • Given their obvious resemblance to Vulcans Spock speculates they might have been colonists from the pre-Surak period of Vulcan civil war. Alternately, since they apparently live very far away from Vulcan, they could either be the descendants of exiles deported from Vulcan (in ancient "Rome" aristocrats that had fallen out of favor were usually not executed but sent into exile) or exiles that left Vulcan (the Romans liked to think they had been the descendants of the survivors of Troy).
  • IMHO, the impression of a pre-Surak colonizing period is emphasized by "The Savage Curtain". Spock knows quite a lot about Surak (how he looked and what he did), so it appears that from this moment in time on, Vulcan records got no longer lost.
  • Nevertheless, TNG's "Unification" and retroactive continuity suggested that the Romulans are Vulcans that did not agree with Surak's philosophy and/or policy and therefore left. If this were the case, I can't help but wonder why then it has not been recorded (see Spock's statement in "Balance of Terror"). Alternately it may just be a Romulan deception where in fact these want to avenge that their ancestors had been marooned on Romulus.
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