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^I think she mentioned some time that she has some cowboy boots as well.

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You must look so cute and awesome in that brown leather(?) one with the fringe/trim.
Brown suede, vintage -- One of my favorites. I'm guessing late 60s but I can't be sure. Unfortunately, the label was gold lettering on a suede interior patch, and is so faded its unreadable. I bought it for $20 in a thrift shop in Seattle when I was 15 in excellent condition. The back is fully fringed as well and not one of the strands is missing.

Ah, I just thought of trying to determine when it was made by using size inflation! It's a size 10. I wear a 4-6. This means if the size deflation guides are correct it was made sometime in the mid 60s to mid 70s.

I asked my mom to send it to me last year because I hadn't worn it since high school and was starting to miss it. When I got it I reached my hand in the pocket and found movie stubs to Billy Elliott and a note on official Seattle Public School stationary to go and see the principal!
Good things both Well, technically the latter isn't...but you're not doing things right in school unless you get into trouble.
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