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Re: Did the ‘Enterprise’ Augment 3 parter contribute to Cumberbatch Kh

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Though, now that you bring it up. It just makes me wish even more that Harrison had been one of the Cold Station augments that had been recovered by S-31 and stored back on Earth.
That could have been a neat little bit of trivia for us fans, but it probably would have carried too much continuity baggage for the uninitiated. Easier to just use Khan, who's at least a familiar name.

You could even make it so that Marcus had restarted the program secretly due to the impeding war with the Klingon empire.

"Augments? Impossible! They were all destroyed nearly a century ago. Research into genetic enhancement has been completely outlawed ever since." - McCoy

And then Spock could do his Spock thing and explain how Marcus is a badass and would have access to that stuff. Or, even something as simple as having McCoy drop the bombshell that the super-human stuff is the result of Khan's genetic augmentation (After he takes the blood sample.)
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