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Re: Should the Borg be the villain in Trek 3?

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So, some people are complaining about Abrams rehashing old stuff, and then argue that they should stick to "TOS stuff" instead of changing things up. I believe that that is called a double standard.
"Some people" are not me. So, no.

When I say i'd love to see something done with the Tholians, or the Gorn, or one of the other TOS aliens that didn't get much love until the tail end of Enterprise? That's not asking for a rehash. That's asking to explore alien species that didn't get that much exploration to begin with. The Borg got at least one appearance in every show from TNG onward, including being used a lot in Voyager, and getting a movie appearance.

That's also quite different from something I actually find annoying. Reusing the dialogue from TWOK verbatim. That is rehashing.
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