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Re: The Robots From Prototype

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Who's them again? This imaginary group of people you see slighting something you like?
They ain't imaginary pal...

And I'm sorry but ripping off Leatherface and a romance of the week doesn't qualify as depth.
The Borg can rip off the Cybermen, no one cares. One Vidiian takes a small point from some Horror film and the result is critical panning.

A sympathetic, 3-Dimensional alien is shown from an antagonistic race and again there is no appreciation. Meanwhile DS9 gets away with 1-Dimensional bozos like the Breen or the Founders.

I suppose you'd dislike it if the Vidiian Doctor stayed on as a recurring character? Certainly no room for depth there, huh?

Let me guess, you found the aliens in "Living Witness" to be 1-Dimensional as well?

Nevermind this is mainly the result of Voyager's "Always on the move" premise inherently limiting what they could do in the first place.

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