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Re: What Kinds of Characters?

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Star Trek has has grown from young, white male to old, bald male, black man, female Captain, it's time for a gay captain (omnisexual works, too). Jump on the civil rights fight of OUR generation.
If the next Captain isn't gay then definitely the next First Officer, but since it is well past the point of a gay character being something new on a TV series then the fact the he is should never be mentioned in press releases, etc, but rather to have it revealed either in his first 'romance episode' or have him with a partner at the start of the series. Make him just a normal character who happens to like men, rather than trying to sensationalise it.

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Not anymore, but I want the heroes to have pasts that are more than just your friendly "Public Service Announcement" that your typical Star Trek takes. I want heroes with flaws. One of the things I loved about Sisko's character was that he had flaws, he was a single dad, he conspired to murder a Romulan Senator: flaws. I want characters that have real problems that an audience can relate to.
I agree characters should have flaws, but believable ones. A doctor who used to cook drugs but saw the error of their ways and managed to hide it from the Academy entrance board seems pretty far-fetched. Trek characters are supposed to be optimistic outlooks for us, but that doesn't mean some can't have some rough edges.

Also how is being a single dad a flaw?
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