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Re: The Robots From Prototype

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Forbid the concept that people didn't like the Vidiians and Hirogen because they were one dimensional.
So was the Dominion.

All the Viidians did was harvest organs. All the Hirogen did was glorify hunting. There was no substance to them, just frosting.
They tried to do more with the Vidiian Doctor who was willing to kill another dude and take his face because he thought it would B'Ellana like him. And they also tried for more with that Vidiian Doctor the Doctor fell in love with.

What do they get for these attempts at depth? Critical panning.

There's no point in trying to give depth when the audience reaction will always be the same. All you've done then is waste effort for folks who will never ever have anything appreciative to say.

DS9 was able to use the Dominion through out the run of the show
Double Standard. If the Dominion had been a VOY enemy no one would like them.

It helped that DS9 could use their new enemies alongside existing ones to help ease them in. VOY didn't have that luxury.

Hell, go with the Robots and the only reaction you'd get would be that VOY ripped off the Jem'Hadar concept only as robots vs Clones.

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