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How many settings on a Phaser

I'm not sure if I'm remembering from the Franz Joseph tech manual or some other early Trek book but I recall a phaser having various settings:
  1. Stun: make a living thing dazed
  2. Heavy stun: make a living thing unconscious
  3. Kill: make a living thing die
  4. Heat: speeds up molecules, things get hot
  5. Disrupt: separates molecules, blows things up
  6. Dematerialize: energizes molecules, make things vaporize
Also used during TOS were a wide stun beam for dealing with a crowd and an invisible cutting beam. There is also one use of a stun setting on the ship mounted phaser banks.

I'm not clear on whether the phaser is just outputting varying power levels of the same energy beam or is each setting a different beam or stream of different particles?

What other or different settings do you think were on the TOS phasers and how did the later series or movies differ?
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