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Re: The episode "Distant Origin"

Boy, you're awfully testy about this subject. Any clue why you're so upset?

Think about it this way. We have tax records and receipts from ancient Sumeria, written in cuneiform on clay tablets. They're still readable today after 5000 years.

We have printed books that are over 500 years old and still readable now.

The computer punch cards from 50 years ago are worthless pieces of junk now.

The "floppy" disks from 20 years ago are just pieces of worthless plastic now.

The zip drives and VHS tapes from 10 years ago aren't useful anymore; you can't even give them away!

The fact is, the more advanced the technology, the less likely it is to last across the ages. If anything of our civilization survives across millions of years, it'll be the least advanced pieces of technology, not the most. Sure, the Moon landing equipment will be there for a long time, but even it may break down faster than I thought. I didn't account for the endless thermal cycling it will experience which should eventually break them down, too.

But everything on Earth is going to be fighting the elements, and the Earth always wins in the long run.
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