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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

To me, its not an issue of old timeline vs new timeline but rather good writing vs terrible careless, loose writing. Personally I was looking forward to a complete reboot and didn't care about maintaining the prime timeline.

My issue with ST09 and STID is that these were VERY loosely and careless written action sci-fi FX movies. I'm not going to go into all the issues I have with these movies esp ST09 as its been done to death but let me just say I was very disappointed.

The best way to explain my feeling is to compare it to the X-Men movies. AbramsTrek is basically to me like XMen:Last Stand, lots of special effects and explosions but very loosely and poorly written. It was crap.

OTOH that is not the case with XMen FC, X1 or X2. Those movies had lots of action and explosions and FX but, although not perfect, were in general well and THOUGHTFULLY written.

And this is why I hate all those people who say that only a dumb noisy action flick a-la Transformers style can appeal to the casual Trek moviegoer. I mean you can have lots of FX and action and explosions and, gasp, still write something carefully and tightly without tons of careless and thoughtless and nonsensical and convoluted and contrived plot elements. (yes i realize no movie can be free of them but ST09 really goes far in this).

Too bad Bryan Singer/Matt Vaughn didn't reboot Trek instead or Abrams/Orci/Kurtzman.
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