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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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It would, because until the very end when someone came out and hit you with it, it wouldn't really be Star Trek as we know it. It would still BE star trek, but it would be a viable, general-audience presentable drama that, like the re-imagined BattleStar, would bring in an audience who don't have to be familiar with it's predecessor to enjoy the show.
They tried that ideal already: it was called Enteprise. They went as far as to file off Star Trek name. We saw how that went.
Enterprise was a failure for a lot of reasons. I don't think taking Star Trek off the title card was one of them. Enterprise failed from a one-dimensional cast and the same, soft, bland, formulaic writing that accompanied the ratings downward in post-TNG TV Trek. It could have been an awesome show, but it wasn't BattleStar was, and they didn't change the name at all.
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