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Were the Son'a supposed to sympathetic or just evil ...
A bit of both, the Sona were the evil bastard who were going to provide the people of the federation with a wonderful omni-medical treatment.

Don't get me wrong, the Sona cared nothing for the huge number of people who would benefit from their actions, the Sona were basically thinking solely of themselves first, and a little revenge upon the families who cast them out second.

Inspite of that billions and billion of people across the federation would have had their lives inproved.

(Until Picard started making decisions for the entire federation all by himself)

I think the "little bit of both" approach was the problem, the movie tried to make the Son'a vile, but ended up making them unintentionally sympathetic, so they end being completely bland and generic. They were not supposed to be sympathetic, but nothing about them was scary or menacing. Having their vilest deeds happen off screen did very little to make them menacing. They were just there. Either making them very intentionally sympathetic or making them very evil, would have been better.

Seriously Ru'afo barely did anything besides moan and complain during the film, he is one of the most forgettable villains in a Star Trek film.
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