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Re: What The Hell? What Is Up With The Side Hull Torpedo Bays?

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Oh and during that warp scene, what's up with the phasers changing course in midstream, shooting forwards and then downwards? It's kind of cool, but kind of hokey. I wonder if it was just done because it looked cool (most likely reason) or because they were traveling faster than the phasers?
I thought that it was because they were traveling faster than phasers. After all, that was one of the main reasons why phasers were not to be used at warp in TNG (at least, in the sourcebooks? If so, then is it canon?) and why torpedoes, which can travel at warp, were the preferred weapon. I would think this would mean that the occasional phaser at warp was from the aft and thus would be okay, since the chasing attacker would run into the phaser blast anyway.

Of course, there were times in other shows like Voyager (the Prometheus, for example) when forward phasers were used. I chalk that up to production mistake, but I'm sure more than a few folks have come up with explanations already.

If the phaser arcs because of warp speed, it would be consistent with TNG phaser theory, sure. And obviously it worked. But then it begs the question: why would Marcus use phasers anyway? As we saw, the ship needed to fire at virtual point blank to hit the Enterprise. Why not use torpedoes from a greater distance, especially if Marcus was trying to catch up?
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