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Re: Spoilers in Books: A Discussion.

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I did report a spoiler the other day. It's still there. It's in a thread where it doesn't belong out in the open and yet nothing has been done about it.
Have you considered the possibility that the mods have reviewed the post in question and not deemed it a violation of board rules? And as others have suggested, why not try speaking with the mods directly via PM?
Exactly this, thank you.

JWolf - I did see your notification and I'm not changing the post. The problem with "being on your toes regarding spoilers" is that if you go around pointing out that something is a spoiler that makes it more of a spoiler than it was by itself because you've drawn attention to the fact that this information is important to the plot.

What you know is important as someone who's read the book is not going to be obvious to someone who hasn't read the book.

And if you have any concerns about the decisions of the moderators, send us a PM.
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