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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

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^Thanks for the ad hominem.
See my response to Hober Mallow below.

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They're fundamentalists, but instead of a classic religion, they've chosen their favorite Trek as their idol, and the heretics be damned.
I've no doubt that describes some fans. Then there are others, like me, who simply think the Abram's films are dull.
Of course. I'm not blanketing every detractor with that statement, only those who fit the bill of a fundamentalist. There are a number of reasons some people aren't going to like the film, and that's perfectly okay. Tastes vary, people vary. I'm talking about the people who aren't just people who dislike elements of the film, and may be disappointed overall, I'm talking about people who have an avid fan hate for Abrams, the writers, the movies themselves, the best boys, and the caterers. There are people who refute every point with "only an idiot likes this movie," or "of course since it's big dumb action, brainless illiterates will love it."

See, that's not disliking a movie, that's disliking people for liking a movie; it's hatred for something that people love, and everything associated with what those people love. There are those fundamentalist fans who treat Star Trek like it's a religion; where anything made after their coveted favorite series is an abomination, and yes, I've seen the word "abomination" thrown at a movie.

I think when it gets to that point, one needs to step back, take a deep breath, and stay off the internet for a year.

So if one isn't a fundamentalist, if one doesn't fit that bill of goods, then one has nothing to concern oneself about my statement.

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