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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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And with one thread, it'll balloon up in no time if the commentary continues.
If it gets out of hand/too long (and the series lasts) I'll make a second thread for the second part of the season after the Winter Hiatus. But I doubt we'll get too much active discussion unless the series takes off/really reveals something and takes off and if it does episode-specific threads may be called for.

Right now I see no reason to do episode threads.

On the Life Model Decoy:

Reading on them it seems the subject "acts through" the Decoy more than the decoy is independent. One thing of note, one of the "abilities" of the decoy is that it has enhanced agility. Note how Coulson bends over backwards/Neos on his heels to avoid the explosion. It's maybe that Coulson *is* a LMD and maybe the "real" Coulson is in a coma/rendered quadriplegic somewhere in a hospital unaware he's "living" through a LMD.
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