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Re: Spoilers in Books: A Discussion.

JWolf wrote: View Post
I did report a spoiler the other day. It's still there. It's in a thread where it doesn't belong out in the open and yet nothing has been done about it.
Have you considered the possibility that the mods have reviewed the post in question and not deemed it a violation of board rules? And as others have suggested, why not try speaking with the mods directly via PM?

JWolf wrote:
This is why we need people to be on their toes regarding spoilers.
No, it's not. What we need is for everyone to follow the rules the mods have established. If you've concerns that a rule has been broken, the correct course of action is to speak with the mods themselves to get clarification about the issue in question.

JWolf wrote:
If it's going to take this long to fix (if it even gets fixed) then the spoiler will stay out in the open for too long.
Once again, who says it needs fixing at all? And I don't think ripping the mods in public like this is a good idea.

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