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Re: Extent of V'Ger's journey

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^But that wasn't the impression given by the Spock Walk sequence. It implied that what we were seeing was stuff that V'Ger had directly imaged and/or digitized.
Perhaps it is a lack of clarity on the part of the filmmakers but the really cool electric lite-brite planet Spock first passes over when discarding his thruster thingie was intended to be the machine planet where vger was repaired (this is made pretty clear in interviews with Trumbull and I think Greg Jein at or shortly after the film's release ... I even remember it was built by a guy named Joe Garlington.)

It's inclusion here would mean what, that vger digitized/zapped his re-builder before booking out to find his creator? I don't see that as terribly likely, which suggests this is as stated in the film, an imaging system displaying a record of its travels, which just happens to include stuff it zapped (unless it actually digitized 'whole galaxies' or even whole star systems, which seems like overkill.)
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