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Re: The Borg in Assimilation2

Steve Mollmann wrote: View Post
It's worth pointing out, though, that the BBC does own the rights to the appearance of the Daleks, as that was created by Ray Cusick, who was a BBC employee. The concept of a Dalek, on the other hand, is Terry Nation's.
That's true. It's been pointed out that the BBC could use the Dalek casings for, say, Teletubbies-like creatures that sings and dances and talks in high-pitched babble, and there's nothing Nation's estate could do.

It's the same thing with K-9. The BBC owns the design, but Martin and Baker own the character. (Or did one of the two sell their share to the other? I can never remember.) And when RTD's series was in development, I seem to recall that one of the TARDIS console room concept designs incorporated the K-9 design as a feature.
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