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Re: Kirk Enterprise - the Enterprise(a)?

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That's all well and good, but I'm noticing that since I've asked for proof all I'm getting are theories regarding how it could be real, bot no statements that it is.

But, I am interested in facts, not theories. Is no one able to state with 100% certainty if this is real or fake?
If you're going to get this worked up over it, may I suggest you're asking in the wrong place? Nobody here worked on the film, so nobody here is going to be able to say it was on the set physically or added in post. Since there isn't a 'making of' on the film, b-t-s info is going to be lacking and continue to be lacking.

If you feel that compelled about this, PM me and I'll send you the email address for Scott Chambliss, the production designer (or at least it was his email in 2009, no guarantees it still works.) If he wants to know what happened to my Trek 09 article (for which he was interviewed, but the piece was never finished or published) for HD VIDEO PRO, tell him ILM PR dragged their heels for 2 months & didn't put anybody on the phone with me, plus Paramount failed to hook me up with the DP, so there wasn't anything besides his interview, which wouldn't have been enough for a cover story (especially since Paramount never sent my editor any photos, either.)
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