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Re: Timeline branching going forward *spoilers*

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I can appreciate that. But this seems to be a play on words that suits your needs.

T'Pol knew there was a different universe. She saw it in the computer.

All our new TOS heroes know is that their destiny has been changed.
In THIS timeline, the original remains unchanged.
You have no proof of that seer.

No time travel in trek has ever created a different timeline.
'City on the Edge of Forever'. Spock is even using the Tricorder to see the changes resulting in the alternate timeline.

'Parallels' proves that alternate timelines exist and diverge ad infinitum. Multiple Universe Theory plays out that every decision causes a split in the timeline that creates a new universe.

'First Contact' changes Zephram Cochrane, who talks about a future with Robotic Zombies. One could say the universe Picard and crew returned to in the 24th Century was no longer the Prime Universe.
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