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Re: Spoilers in Books: A Discussion.

JWolf wrote: View Post
I did report a spoiler the other day. It's still there. It's in a thread where it doesn't belong out in the open and yet nothing has been done about it.
So try again. And PM someone!

This is why we need people to be on their toes regarding spoilers.
Of course, it could be that the Mods didn't consider it a spoiler.

If it's going to take this long to fix (if it even gets fixed) then the spoiler will stay out in the open for too long.
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jaime wrote: View Post
New to forum, don't have a clue how bbc code works, and have always been cheap with code.
To add a spoiler warning, you don't need code, just click on the icon:

and follow the instruction.

Or do the coding icons not show up on your device?

assume that spoilers being written in the thread title is enough, and people shouldn't have to learn a language to communicate on the forum (aside from obviously, English for an English forum)
There is no need to worry about spoilers for the particular book under discussion that is the subject of a thread marked "spoilers". Just refrain from spoiling other books in that thread.
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