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In the driving around moments I find myself being far more nasty with Trevor than the other two characters. Has this happened with anybody else?
I have. I've also noticed that when I play as Trevor I tend to shy away from sports cars and prefer driving trucks because of the increased carnage they cause.

In general, I find myself role-playing more than in past games. When Franklin got a safehouse in Vinewood Hills, I went on the Vinewood tour bus and visited the Vinewood sign, almost as if I was acclimatising him to his new home.

Theres a point in the narrative where Michael has a life altering event with his family. I actually decided to go on a long drive/rampage after that and visited a shrink for the first time in the game... and yes, I'm a pure psycho with Trevor and prefer Trucks and country/rock music. Franklin likes West Coast Classics and Modern rap and Mike likes 80's pop.
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