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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Your 3D matches to the episodes are the best guide out there, and I follow any changes keenly.

As for the matter with the shuttle? Well, these plans are being put together based on the interior of the Enterprise as seen on screen, not the interior of the shuttlecraft. And the interior of the Enterprise clearly shows a 22' shuttle parked in it's hangar, regardless of what other scenes take place in the apparent "shuttle interior".

To be honest it's a shame - the full size shuttle of 30' (as detailed on Cygnus and also at Cloudster) makes a lot more sense as a deep space auxillary vehicle and would easily be my transport of choice in such situations as the one in "Metamorphosis", for instance.

The trouble comes in that the interior has virtually nothing in common with the exterior, or even the glimpses of the 22' mockup's interior that we see. Just off the top of my head:

1) The height
2) The width
3) The length
4) The interior has a two-tone colour scheme
5) Different entry hatches (exterior doors retract, interior has pocket doors)

The weirdest thing is that both use the same low-level seats! And I won't even start on the inconvenient height of the viewports, Warped9 has addressed that well in his 26' "best of both worlds" shuttle.

So, how to rationalise the discrepensies? 12 years ago I just stuck my tongue in my cheek and said that the gravity generator had been cranked up too high, relativistically compressing the occupants of the craft.
These days, it looks more like the crew were asked to re-enact certain scenes for use in the "historical records" but unfortunately, the other (smaller) model of shuttlecraft was out on patrol, so they had to use the larger one.

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