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Re: Timeline branching going forward *spoilers*

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But they use the same term ("Alternate reality") to describe the new movie universe (created by time travel) as they did to describe the mirror universe (more likely a spontaneous divegence as described by Data in the clip from "Parallels" I posted above ("For any event there are an infinite number of probable outcomes... anything that can happen, does happen, in alternate quantum realities"). Since the mirror universe doesn't overwrite the prime one, and Mirror-T'Pol described the Prime universe as "an alternate reality", it stands to reason that the term "alternate reality" descibes the non-overwriting parallel kind.

Remember it's fiction. They can change the rules if they want. I enjoy the novels that continue the prime universe and according to the writers of the movie and the novel DTI: Watching the Clock, they co-exist in the Trek multiverse. It's good enough for me.
I can appreciate that. But this seems to be a play on words that suits your needs.

T'Pol knew there was a different universe. She saw it in the computer.

All our new TOS heroes know is that their destiny has been changed.
In THIS timeline, the original remains unchanged.
You have no proof of that seer.

No time travel in trek has ever created a different timeline.
Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here..
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