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Did the ‘Enterprise’ Augment 3 parter contribute to Cumberbatch Khan?

In that (really very good) 3 parter the main villain is Malick - a genetically engineered superhuman like Khan, with an asian name but played by a white dude

Anyway I rewatched the 3 parter recently since having seen STID and it got me thinking how now it all plays out as more a prequel to STID than Space Seed/TWOK - not just in terms of design, modern feel etc but of the fact that Khan is also played by a white blue eyed guy - that aspect of downplaying the Indian warlord angle (in Space Seed anyway) and emphasizing the genetically altered/artificially created angle.

In STID Khan looks almost manufactured like a humanoid Data (kind of apt considering Soong featured in the Augment 3 parter) or even a slim Terminator (which he basically turned into when he went 'full Khan' at the end). it was more the nietzschean superman route

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