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Re: The Borg in Assimilation2

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^When they first announced the crossover I was really hoping that they would use the Daleks. I was kind of disappointed when they said it was the Cybermen. I like the Cybermen, and I can see why they would pair them up with the Borg, but I still would have been more interested it if was the Daleks.
IDW didn't license the rights to the Daleks. Plus, the Daleks add another chair to the approvals process table -- the Nation estate. Even if IDW had the rights to the Daleks, using the Daleks would have complicated the approvals process on this, which already went through two different studios.
I didn't realize the rights to the Daleks were seperate from the rest of Dr. Who. I swore I'd seen the Daleks in the ads for some of the IDW comics.
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