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Re: Should the Borg be the villain in Trek 3?

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Also, the Romulans in Star Trek XI were much different from Romulans that we've seen before. They were miners, not soldiers or politicians, and the tattoos were explained in the Countdown comic book. Who cares if the Klingons has piercings, they're a warrior culture. Plenty of warrior cultures have piercings, its not that hard to believe.
To be perfectly honest, I'm actually surprised that JJ Klingons are the first ones we've ever seen with piercings. It's a natural adornment for, as you say, a Warrior Culture.
I was thinking that too when I rewatched the movie. About time the Klingons actually looked like warriors. The new Klingons look like primitive warriors; asskicking mofos that just happen to have access to starships. Not the sort I'd want to run into on the battlefield.
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