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Re: How the Vengence Factor is almost great.

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I'm critical of Riker for a lot of things he does, but killing Yuta isn't one of them. He progressively raised the setting on his phaser, yet despite getting shot each time, she continued to try and kill Chorgon. She could have stopped at any moment, she deliberately forced the situation and continued to force it.
There was a pause where they looked each other right in the eye. She knew Riker had cranked up the juice and wouldn't hesitate to fire again.

She knew her time was up and went willingly. Either because her vengeance program mattered most, or she thought there was no future worth living even if she spared Chorgon.

But yes, Riker could have put the smack down and stopped her that day and removed the choice. Then they toss her in prison for a thousand years of counseling or they simply sentence her to death and somebody Else plays executioner.
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