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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

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For me, TOS is quite a poor show [I love it], it just isn't written well enough.


TNG, DS9 & VOY are the pinnacle of the franchise.
Wow. I need a drink.
Poor me a double while you're at the bar, would ya?

If by pinnacle you mean saturation, sure maybe. But quality? Newp. And how do you say TOS is "poor"? By what criteria?
TOS is repetitive. It has about 2 plots it recycles constantly:

1. Super powered being threatens the ship. [Charlie X, Trelane, Abe Lincoln, Mitchell]
2. Kirk & someone beam down, end up stranded, ship is threatened.

This combines with frequent plot holes and nonsense [duplicate Earth in Miri, the greatest geological discovery of all time, never gets mentioned. Spock's Brain...The Empath....all full of nonsense]

CommishSleer wrote:
Did you see actually see TNG Seasons 1 and 2?
Great storylines and mature writing. Are you kidding me? Yes it got better.
How about "SubRosa", "Threshold", "A Fistful of Datas", the boxing Chakotay episode.

I think you're admiring the writing because it has a sort of sameness - consistency to it. You know whats going to happen next. Which can be a strength and a handicap.

I suppose TOS only had a bunch of hack science fiction writers for its stories.
*sigh* You are pointlessly quoting a few bad episodes out of hundreds produced by those 3 series. AS I STATED WAS THE CASE.

No it is not sameness. 'The Inner Light', 'Best of Both Worlds', 'Year of Hell', 'Far beyond the Stars' etc etc are all far better episodes than anything TOS could come up with.

Hober Mallow wrote:
So you're saying you're a Star Trek fan who doesn't like Star Trek?
No thats what you are saying. I stated I love TOS if you read my post. It simply IS the poorest of all the shows in my opinion. Its weakly written and frequently nonsensical.

Im aware, from my years of lurking here, how many fanboys of TOS are here. As much as I love it, I view TOS as more of a nostalgia-trip than anything even close to TNG, DS9, VOY. It simply isn't as deep, as clever, as moving, as sharp....

Some of the tones in response to my comment is disappointing. I really dont think it is deserving of 'eye-rolls' or 'I need a drink' comments to say: 21 seasons of TNG, DS9 & VOY are far better than anything the 3 of TOS produced.

And I do not care how many noses that statement puts out of joint.
#1. DS9 #2. TNG #3. VOY #4.ENT #5.TOS
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