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Re: Rolling Stone Magazine calls for the return of TNG to TV

TNG was not made for theatrical films.
In concept, TNG is a fine idea for a theatrical film. They just went and made some really Bad films and killed themselves.

I think a NuTNG with new actors might work. New slants on Q, the Borg et al. They don't even have to give us some poxy reasoning about red matter and changes to the timeline - it's simply similar stories told differently.
They don't have to, but a handy reasoning is already in place. By the time of nuTNG, the alterations introduced in nuTrek could be even more extreme.

It occurs to me they would also have a chance to do a crossover story or cameo with nuKirk and crew still in their primes while leaving their fates open-ended.

Like spinning off from Avengers to Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. on television, maybe nuTrek to nuTNG is the way to take a shot at expanding on the modern franchise. Commit to a year, a dozen episodes or so, see what happens.

If not nuTNG, I suppose there are still less-travelled corners of nuTrek to explore that they'll never find time to do in the films.
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