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Re: Favourite Warp Effect...

I've said before that the Abrams warp "tunnel" is reminiscent of quantum slipstream and similar drives in Voyager, and I've no problem with that. The tunnel is growing on me. But after rewatching the movies, it just dawned upon me...

1. Let's assume, for the sake of the question, that the alt. universe uses the same warp scales as Voyager (more or less, as long as it takes decades to return to the Federation at high warp)

2. At such scales and given stardates and times between episodes, it's not uncommon for Voyager to be at warp for days or even weeks non-stop

3. There are whole scenes on the nuEnterprise bridge where, while the ship is at warp, the bridge lights dim, the whitish-blue hue from the warp tunnel fills the bridge, there's an audible hum, and the viewscreen/windshield constantly shows the hypnotic tunnel passing by

3. Seriously, that tunnel can get really hypnotic

So question: could you imagine if Voyager spent days or weeks in that warp tunnel, with the crew looking at the tunnel the entire time? How long would they look before shutting off the viewscreen for their own sanity? What about the rest of the ship?
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