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Unless you're talking about the animals and plants, or "starting" the Dominion War, no he didn't... But those are shitty frontier worlds which no one wants which is why civilians were allowed to farm on them like it's still the 18th century... And Sisko felt at ease poisoning the biosphere, even those its a slap in the face of the conservation laws we figured out from TNG Home Soil, but then that's where we learnt that the Federation only colonizes inert dead worlds incapable of ever supporting life, so what ever "life" was on that planet after terraformization, if you go back 80 years was put into a box in a factory on Earth and shipped there in a Star Ship.

Ben gave fair warning. Sure it seemed like minutes, but any Maquis that didn't have access to a ship and retained the ability to bug out at a moments notice was already a dead man during those Brutal times when death from the sky was an all but daily certainty.
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