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Yes it is.

If she was playing good cop, bad cop, Kathy carried it a little far by sending Chuckles to his room after he did exactly what she needed him to do to stop Noah from getting eaten.

Sisko was ordered to take Eddington to trial and/or jail.

Janeway agreed to feed Ransom to space dolphns.

This is how that is forgivable: She lied.

Kirk lied all the time.

Picard didn't.

Janeway is somewhere between those two.

(The meat in a Picard/Kirk sandwhich?)

Eddington spent a year and a half as Sisko's head of security playng him like a fiddle.

Ranson told terrible lies that couldn't stand on their own merit for a day and a half.

Sisko had a right to be angry becuase he was made to look like a fool.

Janeway, not so much, because she figured out Ransom's game without being pantsed.

However it was Janeway who was the one sharpening her knife to commit murder?

Quite odd, no?
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