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Re: Should the Borg be the villain in Trek 3?

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Oh for GODS sake no!

They'd end up with frellin tattoes, piercings and helmets.
I know, right? Can you imagine the Borg injecting something under the skin to alter someone's appearance, or assimilating someone with a tattoo, or wearing headgear, or being into piercing body parts at all? As if!

I think you missed the jist of my post.
It's a joke, dude.

And I understood your post just fine. You're complaining about how the Klingons were adorned with piercings and helmets and how the Romulans had facial tattoos, and then extending that to any possible future Abramsverse appearances of the Borg. Your post wasn't exactly the Enigma Code. Hell, it wasn't even the da Vinci Code.

I just found it somewhat amusing that the things you would object to have sort of already been covered by the Borg in the past, with a little creative license.
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