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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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The story I'm pitching to you that would make this happen is simple. Abrams-Verse. 25th century. Borg vs. Dominion. That's it. You're surviving. Maybe the lead character is a smuggler. Maybe he's a drunk. Maybe he's the last relic of the old Federation or, better yet, Section 31. Maybe he's got a small crew, which includes, for brute force, a Nausicaan. Who knows? All he knows is what he "believes", and that's some mysterious El-Aurian who convinces him, in a very vague way, that this reality isn't the best for either of them.
What you've written here seems fine to me. A bit tricky to pull off, but hardly impossible. Potentially a very exciting tale, albeit one that will increasingly depend upon its own mythology--even more than most! But with some compelling characters and good story-telling, you've got a real good possibility here.

Personally, I wouldn't get quite so specific about which timeline is being restored. In fact, the more I think on it the more you surprise us the better I'd like it as an audience member.

In fact, this story/series idea seems to me a good one if totally separate from any idea of the "original" versus the "Abrams" timeline. That seems to me a distraction, and even putting it in those terms answers too many questions I think such a storyline should ask.

Just MHO
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