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Re: What Kinds of Characters?

Methinks SolitaryJustice makes a good point that one way to bring out interesting characters is to shake up expectations.

For example, C.E.Evans gave a very brief list of the senior positions aboard a ship. I'd suggest giving each of his characters a name, then randomly (as in use a dice roll) to assign their position aboard ship. If the "A dashing young male lieutenant who's a couple of years too young for his rank and a bit of an asshole(he doesn't play well with others)" with the First Officer or Chief Medical Officer the story just takes a more interesting turn! Way more interesting!

Let the "sexy, but older female first officer with a good sense of humor and a tendency to say what people (as in the television audience) are really thinking at times" be Captain! Or Chief of Security!

Here's a thought experiment to further illustrate what I mean: Take the Chief Medical officers from each show--Bones, Crusher, Bashir, The Doctor, Phlox. Cast them as the bridge crew of a starship. Not one gets to be the ship's doctor. We'll give that job to Seven of Nine maybe. Or Kirk. Think outside the box.

Who's the Captain? Science Officer? Chief Engineer, Helm, Operations? Folks may disagree but if you obey the rules--draw ONLY upon those five characters--the result will prove fascinating. Certainly you end up with a bridge crew that feels fresh, story possibilities opening up in all kinds of ways.
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