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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

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The creators started that divide with all their bashing against old Trek. "Not you father's Trek", those "Nacelles Monthly subscriber" remarks, the constant justifications for the fast paced style with "old Trek was lame and boring", and all that shit.

When Bad Robot said "This is not your father's 'Star Trek'", they weren't dissing the old one. They were telling the new demographic that the new films would have something for them, as well as their Dads.
The "not your father's... " tagline was also confined to a single TV spot which appeared very late in the promo campaign, less than a month before the movie's general release. I think it first aired during a sporting event of some kind, playing to an audience not typically courted for Star Trek or SF genre entertainment.

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So what other "bashing" did I miss, or misunderstand?
The "Nacelles Monthly" quip wasn't bashing, either - just more of Abrams explaining that he was making a movie targeted for a wider audience, so that he wouldn't necessarily be focusing on this or that <tech> detail to the degree that a "hardcore Trek fan" might want to see.
L.A. Times interview wrote:
GB: You know that no matter what you do, youíll get an earful from hardcore fans.

JJA: The key is to appreciate that there are purists and fans of ďStar TrekĒ who are going to be very vocal if they see things that arenít what what they want. But I canít make this movie for readers of Nacelles Monthly who are only concerned with what the shipís engines look like. Theyíre going to find something they hate no matter what I do. And yet, the movie at its core is not only inspired by what has come before, itís deeply true to whatís come before. The bottom line is we have different actors playing these parts and from that point on itís literally not what theyíve seen before. It will be evident when people see this movie that it is true to what Roddenberry created and what those amazing actors did in the 1960s. At the same time, I think, itís going to blow peopleís minds because its a completely different experience than what they expect.
Trying to make anything mentioned in Jarod's post out to be bashing is to be reaching too far.
Agree completely!!
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