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Re: What Kinds of Characters?

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Well, maybe, for fans like you, you can just watch reruns of what you're familiar with. That way, you can have your cookie-cutter characters without having to defend your dissertation, and you can have everyone be happy-go-lucky with no flaws so that the Trek that pushes the envelope IN RESPONSE to the evening news, that can be for everyone else. You can stay in your kind and gentle world of what's happened. It's okay. I know that seeing people with flaws that they overcome, while realistic, is very hard to watch because it solicits an emotion other than Disney-channel or PBS-style happiness...
That's total crap from start to finish. That's just your own view of things, which quite frankly isn't true as we see all kinds of characters struggle with the problems in their respective worlds (which in Trek, can literally be the survival of entire actual worlds).

But fine, if you don't like Trek nobody is forcing you to watch.
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