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Really the most menacing thing Ruafo does the first half of the movie is bleed on Picard's carpet. Leaving aside all the other plot holes, they really weren't that bad as far as Trek villains go. Oh there's the off screen stuff, but they seem to do everything they can to keep the Baku alive. First the holoship thing, then the tag beaming them out. It's only after Picard starts threatening his plans that he says screw em all, deploy the collector. Which his trusted lieutenant then rebels.

Really is too bad about all those Sona who won't survive the next ten years while the radiation heals them normally either. But mentioning that would get in the way of the generic happy ending.

the whole reason they had to add so much OFF screen villainy for them(they're drug smugglers! They're slavers! They're conquerors! etc.) is because ON screen they don't really do much that's villainous until the very end, and only after Picard has screwed the whole situation up.
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